Tuesday, February 14, 2006

RDB finally!

So its me catching up with the RDB fever on blogsphere(Blogger search says 5,166 blogs on it to date!), or the fever catching up with me!:) Bro watched in the first week of release, went on a high, watched again in the second week, higher! couldnt stop him from yapping on the movie, n hence decided to go! As is with most of my decisions, it took time to turn into reality:D
Finally watched the movie on Saturday with a bunch of friends... Sant competing with Rahman, Deeps thrusting the inedible corn down the throat...urs truly trying to manage my cuppa wt the corns, boiled or popped!:) n then I hear about Surya's blog(check the link) on RDB... As u would have realized by now, this will not be a strict review of the film, but my own chaotic personal journey with the film:) so may b u shud get ur bowl of popcorn(ok rags, u can go for the cream n cheese!:)) n read on:)

the peppy yuppie college gang, with all the masthi n the confusions about tomorrow... Totally identifiable for any urban college goer('college-goner' shud I add?:D) with the paDhayiwala ilzaam intact!:) an idealist in their midst...n the end he meets... I felt the film maker could have dealt with the relationship in little more detail. What Maddy meant to them shud have been clearer to understand what his story did to them.

That brings me to the point - Rang de Basanti is definitely not a very well made movie. But that does not deter me from adding it to my fav's list. There are flaws, in the way the movie has dealt with the emotional intensity of the situation. But if u r talking about the ending - I agree wt Surya, none of us could have given it a better/worse ending. In fact, the ending in the film is not really the end, but the beginning of questions, thoughts... It is rather a provocation for us to think, and I could see the film leaving that effect on many of us. We ourselves stood there talking, thinking and analysing it and finally had to be chased out of the movie hall! As I told Sant then, very few movies make you think, and RDB wins hands down on this.

A movie like this was badly needed...for all of us who had stopped thinking and acting and were reduced to armchair critics.

Coming to other aspects, yes, liked the music(need I say dat, given that the GOD himself composed it!:) ). camera work(thanks sant, for 'drawing' my attention to it!:))... editing cud have been tighter in the second half... but the way the film interweaves(spellcheck says the word doesnt exist! but who cares!) the bhagath singh, jaliyanwalabagh stories n the story of the college gang is perhaps the best tribute to the revolutionaries. None of the spade of Bhagath Singh movies that saw the light last year brought these people as close to us as RDB does. It was a thrilling experience for me to watch the Kakori episode n the murder of Scott(?), having read these stories as a kid thanx to my rightist dad! But I was left helpless when Deeps asked me why they killed this man(Scott r sm sch British officer) who was jus walking away. Between the right and the left and the nowheres, history texts have left our generation clueless!

The characters are quite representative, covering a wide spectrum...n the performances are great...Aamir, Maddy, siddharth, Kunal,Sharman...even Soha! Siddharth joins my list!:D Oh yes, but as a girl, i was disappointed...Even when somebody like Rakesh Mehra sets out to think differently, jus one grand 'maar Daalo' for the girl?? Anyway...saw a reflection of my own disillusionment in Atul Kulkarni's role...but the way he sprang back to action is a lesson for me, to get going again, start thinking again!

So how was the rollercoaster?!:) Bet U folks wont bug me into blogging now on!:D

Surya on RDB
the movie


Anonymous said...


Looks like you guys had plenty of fun and a penny for thoughts. Makes an interesting reading and have never read/heard good comments about recent desi movies in a long time. Would look forward to seeing it, when I get a chance. Thanks for the link to Surya's page - I felt like RDB producers paid him to write that strong review.... I can't comment on his blog as he (like rags) blocks anonymous entries....

Anyway, until your next blog-entry,
Enjoy maaDi,

Sree said...

Thanx for the comments gowtham, yep we had nice fun:) n i see dat u r able to post comments on surya'a blog too. ya, watch the movie, its worth it

Warrior poet said...

My God, i love it, too good Sree

Way to go Ayn Rand

surya said...

wow ... this is some write up

Sree said...

rags n surya, thanx n welcome to mutual admiration society!:)) u guys better write something soon!

ಸುಸಂಕೃತ said...

It was an absolute treat to read on...

Yes...with the maestro's music and crisp camera work (especially those scenes from the past) overshadows all other snags in the movie.

Dunno whether it was because of the presence of Madhavan and Sidharth, quite often RDB reminded me of 'Ayutha Eluthu'(Yuva).Probably that had an impact on the director if not on the audience atleast! :)

keep writing.

Sree said...

thanx susheel:)
I too felt ecoes of Yuva...the youth power theme would be the obvious link ankonDe..

Sarang said...

Gr8 movie and gr8 review!!!

Sree said...

thanks for visiting my blog sarang:)