Friday, January 13, 2006

What else could it be but a taste of things to come!

So finally i bow down to the Godess of (or the madness called!) blogdom!

But hold on! Jus wondering why i jumped into the bandwagon? Me wondering too!:))

Or perhaps I know... a space to dump all the junk that is there in the upper chamber? may be not all, but some at the least!

Have been reading a few blogs for a while..some autobiographical, some on specific subjects, some general arm chair expertise on everything under the sun! So what is mine going to be... a daily soap? a diary? a journal? mmm... have not made up mymind as yet!:D may be all of these, and more! The only thing I know is im gonna freak out! n people say its fun when i do that :D So watch out!:)


Hems said...

Hey Sree,

"Iruvudellava bittu...iradudaredege thudivudhe Jevana"
I believe that these Lines from GSS( am I right?, I guess so), have always been the eternal truth of life.I am impressed with your choice as ever.
The Blog seems to turn into another interesting platform for us to share & let our "yochanalahari" flow & reach interesting destinations.

So keep it flowing ...Sree

Anonymous said...

Hey Hema, i wanted to be the first one to leave a comment...wah u beat me to it.

Sree im impressed, ultimate jumpstart, keep the stakes high babe, we'll always be there to provide fodder for your thoughts :)

ರಾಜೇಶ said...

Welcome Shee.

Hema : It is not GSS.
It is a line in Mr.Gopalakrishna Adiga's master piece poem
'Yava mohana murali kareyitho...'

anoop said...

I have a habit of checking out the first post of any blog I intend to follow....
Its good to know that there are people who think, why Blog? (before they take the plunge)
I personally thought (not so long ago) that only frustrated, lonely people blogged, yes i was wrong.
But i took my own sweet time to get convinced that blogging has some sense, some higher purpose- dont know what it is still.